Who are the MRU Campus Conservatives? We are a collection of Mount Royal University students, alumni, community members, and other youths. Some of us are fiscal conservatives, libertarian conservatives, social conservatives, cultural conservatives, or evangelicals.

We are united in the belief that right of centre ideologies present the best solutions to social and economic issues in our country. We are united in our opposition to the false song of radical socialism and other far left ideologies.

There is a perception that university campuses are dominated by the left of centre parties. We exist to provide a social space to students who feel their student union, their professors, their peers, and their elected representatives do not share the same political thoughts as they do. Our mission is to raise awareness on issues students care about and present the conservative solution to them.

We use issues-based approaches to try and persuade other students that we present the best possible solution to complex issues. Issues like free speech on campuses, jobs and the economy, ballooning government debt, and many more.

Getting involved in our club starts with signing up to our newsletter. We use email as the primary way to communicate with members. We also maintain a Facebook page at https://facebook.com/mruccc.

We hold several events throughout the year by bringing conservative guest speakers and conservative MLA’s or MP’s in to speak to students on current events. Check out the past events page to see a showcase of them. We also hold political debates, get involved in political activism, and help politicians around the city. Previous club members have gone on to work in constituency offices, Parliament Hill through the internship program, or with activist organizations.

No membership to a political party is required to join our club, however a federal membership to the Conservative Party of Canada is required to be an executive in this club.

We are officially recognized by the Conservative Party of Canada as a ratified Campus Conservatives Club.

We enter a new era in this club. It is no longer a little baby. Thank you for these incredible 3 years.

Best Regards, President Tim Barnes 2016-2019

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