Jobs and Volunteering

LAST UPDATED: Aug 15, 2017

Welcome to the MRU Campus Conservatives job board. We post paid jobs, internships, and unpaid volunteer opportunities here. Why volunteer for these organizations? Because political experience is invaluable to your future career in politics. You often introduce yourself to high-ranking politicians through activism and volunteer work. Have a job you want to post? Use the Contact Us form to send your suggestion.

Please note that some partisan positions may require a party membership. If unsure, contact the organization directly. The MRU Campus Conservatives do not guarantee the accuracy of this content nor does the posting of any position imply a tacit endorsement of that organization.

Municipal Elections 2017

NOTE: This is a list of candidates who have published policies that support conservative ideals such as fiscal responsibility and lower taxes. This list in no way implies that a particular candidate is a big-C Conservative nor does it imply a candidate aligns perfectly with your beliefs. If you would like your candidate to be listed on our website, please use the Contact Us form and specify which policies your candidate supports that qualifies them to be listed on this website. We reserve the exclusive right to list only the candidates we feel represent conservative ideals.

Bill Smith for Mayor Campaign

Interested volunteers can sign up at

Jeromy Farkas for Ward 11

Interested volunteers can sign up by visiting and click on the volunteer button.

Students Count for School Board Trustees

Interested volunteers can sign up by visiting Be sure to indicate which ward you are able to help out in. Currently, candidates are running in Wards 3,4,6,7,8,9,11,12,13, and 14.